The Zen in Running

You know, doing exercise is very important. Doing daily exercise helps your sleep, your daily energy levels and your fitness (of course). Lately, my most zen exercise has been running.

I had never been very interested in running. I found it boring: just you, your breathing and the road. Then, a year ago I read a piece from Zen Habits recommending the Vibram FiveFingers (a minimalistic running shoe), after his reading of Born to Run. Three months ago I also read Born to Run, and my running spirit awakened.

Since then, I've tried to run more or less frequently. Lately, work issues and time pressures have forced me to give up temporarily. I want to run again. Why?

Running is a kind of Zen experience. When I go running, it is just me, my GPS watch and my feet on the road. I tried running with music (a special playlist to keep my running pace), but it didn't work. It felt shallow. I was more in when there was only my breathing. Mindfulness of breathing while soaring over the road. Kilometers pile up until you are back home. A warm shower and a healthy breakfast.

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Photo credit: climbingcrystal from Flickr.

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