Simplify: Clean Up Your Life

Minimalism is not about having just a handful of items. It is about having only what you need, and nothing more. To get there, simplify.

Pick everything you don't use regularly and stack it in a box. Move all your computer documents to a folder and let them sit there. Create a playlist in iTunes with all the files you don't usually listen. Every time you need something from this folder or box, pick it out and find a place for it.

After a decent amount of time (three months, six months, a year), you should be convinced that what is left in these containers has no use and can be purged.

Beware, I'm not trying to make you a minimalist, I am none. There are a lot of things where I don't apply this rule. For example, I would never do this to my books, my drawing pens or my electronic gadgets, among others. There are many things I don't use regularly but I know I want to keep and use sparingly. You have probably this kind of things (memorabilia, books, kitchen tools) too. Don't purge them or you'll regret not having your pancake pan next year!

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