Morning Rituals: Good or Bad?

Morning Rituals: Empowering or Dumbing?
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Get up... and now what? Take a shower, get your breakfast, catch the news of the day and head for your office. Do you do the same every morning? Why?

A twofold view of morning rituals

They empower you. By doing the same every morning, no matter the day, the weather or your mood, you just learn to cope with every day in the same way. You get from bed to work without spending a dime of your mental energy. You just work on auto-pilot.

For this to work, you have to get your morning ritual into a habit, and better if it is an enjoying ritual. Getting up and doing some mindfulness meditation while the sun dawns. A quick shower followed by a healthy breakfast. A mindful commute.

They make you unconscious. If you just go through your morning like an automaton, your mindfulness goes to waste. You get up and suddenly find yourself in your office, without even knowing if you closed the front door of your house.

You have to go out of your way to avoid this mental trap. Keeping your mindfulness during your morning ritual will carry this mental state to the day. But this is a two-sided sword: if you go on auto-pilot, all your day will go like this.

Can you afford to lose your day by starting it wrong?

The solution is easy. Start your day by being mindful: from the moment that you hit the stop button in your alarm clock, you have to give all your mental resources to here and now. Observe the coffee in your cup, smell your toasts as they burn. Observe people in your commute. Be mindful of everything. Your day will be completely different.

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