Ignorance (of your thoughts) Is Bliss

Ignorance is bliss are some words of wisdom from the past. Nowadays we are plugged to information non-stop and ignorance is not an option. Or is it?

There is a moment when ignorance is bliss, and it is when you want to focus. Be it in your daily mindfulness practice or when you work, a million distractions are waiting for you to slip for a second. And this is where ignorance is bliss.

Ignore your thoughts. When you are working, work. Any thought that is not related to what you are doing now should be ignored. When you are meditating, meditate. Any thought should be ignored.

Ignoring your thoughts is an ability that only gets better with practice. Do it a little every day: when you meditate, when you work, when you prepare your breakfast, while folding your laundry. Ignoring your thoughts is the most important part in being focused.

When you are focused in a task, there is only one thing in your mind: what you are doing. Other thoughts are suppressed. By ignoring your thoughts you are sowing the seeds to being more focused and have better concentration every day.

Try it!

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