An Empty Inbox is Zen?

Yesterday afternoon I cleaned my mail inbox. I had stopped following my own advice: dealing with your mails as you got them. And after a while, they pile up until you have 120 unactioned emails. After some mindful work, got it to 0.

Cleaning up the mess has been more rewarding than expected. I spiced the session with full in-ear earphones and music I enjoy... It was me, my music and my inbox. Focused in one mail at a time... And suddenly an hour had passed and I had only 3 of them left to act upon.

Got a cup of water and cleaned these (they were related among them). Empty inbox.

It had taken me one hour of effortless flowing to clean, tag and answer them. It was a very relaxing experience... and far better once I was done!

How can you make such a chore an enjoyable experience?

It's not as hard as you may imagine. You just need time and a little willpower.

First you have to cut you from the outside world. I did this by plugging my earphones with some upbeat music. Over all, shut down your TV and computer notifications. If you can work well with music, use some. If you get distracted with it, don't!

Second you should tart from the beginning. This can be the most recent email or the oldest email, but keep working always in the same direction. If you move from top to bottom, you'll get distracted and be more prone to do something else. Answer what needs to be answered, tag what needs to be tagged and delete whatever is not useful.

Third you have to enjoy the emptiness of your inbox! Go get a coffee, boil some tea or eat a piece of cake. You deserve it!

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