Stop, Relax and Breathe. Daily!

Monday morning, meetings, mail checking, a server went down during the weekend, your clients scream, your boss dumps a 10 pound file to check before Friday. Run after work to catch your gym class, run back home for dinner. Balance your accounts, go to bed. You can't sleep, just move around your bed. Stress, and it is only Monday. How can you cope with all this?

Stop, relax and breathe.

Your work will be stressful, your life will, too. But only you can decide how to approach stressful situations, you can choose to act or react. Be stressed or be calm. How?

Simple. Take a short break. When things start to pile up and you see the onset of a stressful situation, stop. Leave a post-it in your table to let your boss know you'll be back in 15 minutes and just get out of your office (if you can, if you don't, go for a walk in another part of it). Relax, concentrate on your steps. One foot forward, land, step, another foot forward and repeat. And don't forget to breathe along the way. And to get the maximum effect, do this daily. Relax, breathe.

Each day stop, relax and bring back your awareness to here and now, don't think about Friday, don't think about later. Just focus on here, now and the task you need to do now. When later is now you will worry about later. But this is not now.

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