Try Different Meditation Schedules

A suggestion from my own experience: try different meditation schedules. You may think your current schedule works, but try to tweak it, try to meditate more or less and at different hours. Be playful, don't meditate just because you have to. Enjoy it!

All this comes because I have changed my meditation schedule. When I started my 30 day meditation challenge, the goal was to meditate daily for 5 minutes. It sounds simple enough, but as simple as it was I missed too many days, and have been missing occasionally since then. The problem was deciding when to do it, morning or evening. I started moving it from morning to evening and then forgetting about it. Some days at least I had some mindfulness during the day, counting breaths on my commute, but others I did absolutely nothing. My fault and no-one elses. I needed a new schedule. Tinkering time!

It may seem counterintuitive, but this time I went for 20 minutes each day: 10 minutes in the morning and 10 before going to sleep, 4 times longer! Then on Saturday and Sunday, 30 minutes in one sitting. And it is working! Of course it has been just one week and a half, but my consistency is far better nowadays. And so do my concentration and mindfulness throughout the day. The numbness of my feet has also decreased as I get more used to sitting, in a few more weeks I'll try to switch to half-lotus.

After sitting for 10 minutes twice a day, I have realised how short 5 minutes sittings are... And after sitting for 30 minutes, how short 10 minutes turn out to be! As you may guess, after being used to such short time spans, 30 minutes was an incredibly long period... Which in turn yielded more thought free moments than shorter sittings, but also more oh my, when will the timer beep?. I suggest you to add a longer sitting to your weekly schedule, in case you are not doing it yet.

Reading Hardcore Zen has also helped inspiring me to be more thoroughful and consistent in my sittings. Next week I'll try to post a review of it, once I find a way to show how good I found it to be.

How do you fit meditation in your daily schedule? Have you tried to change it?

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