Binge Meditation Is Not the Way to Go

I bet you will know what I'm talking about in a few seconds. You are too busy one day and don't sit down to meditate. Then the following day you rush around like a headless chicken and forget about meditating until you are lying in your bed preparing to sleep. You start counting your breath to do something mindfully before the day ends and fall asleep with three. The following day you don't even remember you used to meditate. The coming days you realise you are more stressed than usual, and during the day make the firm decision of meditating tomorrow. Tomorrow never comes.

Then one day you finally get the will, a big chunk of free time, get the dust off your cushion and prepare to sit. You have a look at your clock and decide to meditate for 5 times longer than usual, just to catch up. You are not used to this sitting length, and it is an unbearable experience. Then the day after, you give up your sitting because you did a long stretch the day before, and it was not that good even. And the story repeats, like the people starting a diet every Monday.

Sitting daily can be a pain in the a**, not only as a figure of speech. But sitting daily is the right approach. Catching up on your meditation is like the notion that you can catch up on your sleep by sleeping more in the weekend. Your body and mind just won't adjust to the shifting schedule, and you will feel like crap all week long.

Sit daily. And if you have some big chunk of time, sit for longer, but only after a periodic sitting practice during the week. I know finding time for doing nothing sometime feels like finding a dry fish on the sea, but you can do it (finding the time, that is). Just think of how much time you are just watching commercials on TV, or staring blankly at your coffee machine while it heats up.

The time is there for your taking. But don't stop your practice for 5 days and then meditate 5x one day. Be committed, be persistent, be there.

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