Add Some Mindfulness to Your Daily Schedule

Mindfulness of Breathing
The last seven days have been an increasing nightmare. Too many tasks in my to do, without a clear plan of action. Deadlines looming in the horizon, tied to internal and external commitments. Restlessness at night: I kept waking up in the middle of the night, badly wrapped in a rolled blanket. Extreme tiredness during the day. Compare it with just two weeks ago, when I was very energetic and relaxed. What has happened?

I read once that you can't put a frog in boiling water (she will leap out immediately), but if you put it in cold water and heat it up slowly, she will end up boiled. I have never eaten a frog, and would never consider doing this to a frog, but in some sense that was exactly what I put me through in the last two weeks. Task-wise, of course.

As I was feeling very energetic and productive, and had a ton of projects at hand, I started to use my commute to read RSS feeds. When I walked to my office in the University, I thought about the schedule for the day. When I was falling asleep at night, I thought about tomorrow's schedule. Do you see the pattern? It is pretty clear now, but it has been so gradual that I could only see the symptoms and not the cause.

I had stopped my daily mindful breathing practice. I did it always at those times that now were filled with meaningless tasks. And the result of stopping it are pretty clear. You may wonder that there is something more. Maybe, but yesterday morning I did my daily mindfulness while at the train and meditated until I fell asleep. Today I have slept without problems, and although I woke up tired, it wasn't as severe as lately.

A lesson to take home: add some mindfulness to your schedule and stick to it. You'll end up forgetting why you are doing it: if this is the case, come back to this post. I will definitely do it.

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Photo credit: A picture I took in our road trip through Iceland

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