Zen Beginner, Zen Beginning

Und jedem Anfang wohnt ein Zauber inne, der uns beschützt und der uns hilft zu leben.

And each beginning carries a magic, that protects us and helps us living.

Hermann Hesse, The glass-bead game

Last January I tackled a 30 day challenge in my main blog, with the goal of meditating daily. I didn't succeed in the challenge, but as I wanted to keep meditating and sharing the weekly and monthly changes, the time for a new blog was coming.

I was drinking an infusion at home (mate herb, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, pepper and ginger) when the name struck: 100 per Zen. I'll write about Zen meditation, from my own experience.

Most of my meditation practice and knowledge comes (so far, in the future I this may change) from the instructions in Zen books like Zen mind, beginner's mind and Questions to a Zen Master. Of course, reading is not enough, and I strive to practice meditation on a daily basis (finding my pace and time in doing so) and mindful breathing as often as I can.

Most modern texts on Zen (see for example Zen in the Art of Archery) suggest that you should only give minor insights about your practice and 'progress'. I will follow this advice, and only talk about what I feel confident to talk about. This will be only about my practice (or the practice of some guest blogger in the future), you can't really generalise from such a small set. But I hope my experience will be useful.

I will post roughly every week (maybe twice on a week, or none in a week) with insights, suggestions and changes I feel in my meditation practice as time passes. You can subscribe to this blog through RSS or by mail, just click the link you wish in the side bar.

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